Internet works like this

So how exactly does the Www work? Great question! An excellent comprehension is required to use this device most efficiently because the Web is becoming this kind of big part of our lives. This whitepaper describes systems which make the Web function and the underlying infrastructure. For any queries that were unanswered, an inventory of sources is provided at the conclusion of the paper.


Where to Start? Internet Addresses

The graphic below illustrates two computers linked to the Net; your pc with ip and still another computer with ip The Net is symbolized as an thing in between. (As this paper advances, the Internet part of Diagram 1 will be described and redrawn repeatedly as the particulars of the Web are uncovered.) Each computer attached to the Net must have a special address because the Web is an international network of computers. This address is called an Internet Protocol address. (IP means Internet Protocol; more with this later.)
If you connect with the Internet through an Internet Company (ISP), you’re generally assigned a short-term ip throughout your DIAL IN session. Regardless, if you should be connected to the Web, your pc h AS a distinctive IP address.

The Ping Software

If you are using a flavor of Unix or Micro Soft Windows and have a link with the Net, there’s an useful application to see if your computer on the web is living. Get into a command prompt if you are utilizing a flavor of Unix. The ping application will deliver a ‘ping’ (really an ICMP (Web Get A Grip On Concept Proto-Col) echo request concept) to the called computer. The computer that is pinged will respond with a response. More on tackle resolution and domain-names after.


So your pc is attached to the Net and contains an original address. So how exactly does it ‘speak’ to other computers attached to the Net? An instance should function here: let’s imagine your Internet Protocol address is and you need to deliver a note to the pc The concept you need to deliver is “Hell O pc!”. Clearly, the concept should be transmitted over whatever type of cable connects the Web and your pc. Let us say the concept should be transmitted over the phoneline and you have dialed in to your ISP from home. Thus the message must be interpreted in to digital indicators from text, transmitted on the internet, then translated back to text that is alphabetic. How is this achieved? Through using a proto-col stack. Every pc wants one to convey online and it’s also generally assembled into the pc’s OS (i.e. Windows, Unix, etc.).

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