Video Game Trilogies that Need to Be Completed

Most publishers and developers dream of making trilogies for their new franchise. This is because each subsequent game in the series has to be financially successful in order to warrant another sequel. Halo, Resistance, Too Human and others are built around three games. Unfortunately, some series never reached the status of being a trilogy in spite of fans begging for one more game. The following is a list of five of the most desired sequels that will have completed a trilogy.

Lunar 3
Combining traditional gameplay with anime-influenced story, the first game in the series is one of the best old school Japanese Role-Playing games that are still as fresh today as it was 15 years ago. The much overlooked sequel adds another solid game to the series. Although many spin-offs came afterwards, a third sequel never came into fruition even though it was planned for.


Shenmue III
Cliffhangers can be a pain for those who are engrossed with a particular story. Imagine what Shenmue fans felt when Shenmue II ended with one and that the third game in the series won’t be coming out for a long time, if it does at all. Although Sega lost a pile of money on the series, Shenmue bought together free roaming gameplay, great story telling and incredible production values. Shenmue and its sequel were unlike anything we saw before (and probably wont again).

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Mega Man Legends 3
Mega Man is known more for its 2D games than 3D. The lone exception is the cult hit Mega Man Legends series. Going from 2D to 3D, Mega Man went from an action game to an epic adventure. While the games are nice, they would have been even better without the technical hardware limitations. There is some interest on developing a third game on next-generation systems but there are no concrete plans just yet from Capcom.


Zone of the Enders 3
In spite of the fact that the first game in the Zone of the Enders series didn’t live up to its full potential, the sequel more than makes up for it. The series is the purest form of an action game revolving around giant robots. Although its story may have been completed, Zone of the Enders’ unique universe and the excellent gameplay can be expanded to another level. Unfortunately, it is looking unlikely that the Zone of the Enders series will continue to a third game.

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